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Dar Al Muharraq

Kingdom of Bahrain
26 October 2019, 7:00PM
Dar Al Muharraq
Free Admission
Building 1068, Road 1617, Block 216 Muharraq
Minimum age
10 years and above

A live performance highlighting the various styles of the uniquely Bahraini Fjiri tradition, a mystical genre that traces its roots back to the island’s glorious legacy of its world-famous pearling heritage.


Artist’s bio:

A live performance series held every Saturday at Dar Al-Muharraq, which showcases the many sub-genres of Fjiri, a musical genre built around the Kingdom of Bahrain’s proud history and traditions of the pearling trade that is widely viewed as the pearling ship’s crew most important and most popular musical contribution. According to folklore, it originated when three friends heard unfamiliar singing emanating from a mosque in Ras Abu Subh late one evening. When they entered, they found demon jinns who agreed to teach them their songs upon the friend’s insistence on the condition they never share it, or else face swift death. The group guarded the secret for years, but when the lone surviving member of the group felt that he too shall pass away, he decided to share the secret. Death soon claimed his soul, but the magical music heard that one evening in Ras Abu Subh still lives on.